6 Best Fundraising Blogs - Complete List of Top Fundraising Blogs 2019

Expertido is not only known for comparing hundreds of thousands of goods on the basis of customer reviews and meta-analyses. No, we also analyse websites and blogs closely at daily intervals with our 70-strong team.
In the Nonprofit category in 2020 we looked at and compared in aggregate 36 blogs with each other. Only the best blogs, in total 6, could pass our check with success and were awarded afterwards.
In real terms, we have investigated:

Expertido heartily will recommend all the blogs listed below, as they have impressed our professionals and met our golden seal of approval, which means they can show off our seal free of charge forever.

A Look Into the Social Media Performance of All 6 and the Best of Fundraising Blogs

We look into many different circumstances other than appearance in social media and follower counts, but this metric is an important one to acknowledge.
If we look solely on Facebook, you’ll find Fundraising Blogs blogs have an average of 11550. The creme de la creme in Fundraising Blogs, however, is the blog , coming in at 60800 followers.
If we also consider Twitter, which is always a top choice for bloggers, the midpoint follower count in the leading Fundraising Blogs blogs are about 18583. You’ll find that the top-rated blog is that has over 69300 regular readers on Twitter.
To summarize, we’ve made sure that the blogs we’ve endorsed are highly popular on social media and will continue to grow. Expertido sends these great blogs the best!

Would you like to earn a seal of esteem in your Fundraising Blogs blog as well?

Our team of Expertido consultants put a lot of time and effort into reviewing these requests. If you’d like to earn our seal, send a message to use at [email protected] and we will add you to our waiting list. We can’t wait to study your site!

List of the Best Fundraising Blogs 2019

1200 number of fans 1700 number of followers 1 posts per week
4100 number of fans 13400 number of followers 3 posts per week
0 number of fans 6900 number of followers 1 posts per week
60800 number of fans 69300 number of followers 9 posts per week
0 number of fans 19400 number of followers 9 posts per week
3200 number of fans 800 number of followers 9 posts per week

Social Media and Publishing Statistic at a glance

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