Best Scanners 2019 🥇 Comparison & Reviews

Best Scanners according to 12 review portals

Instead of copying documents and then sending them by post, they can also be read in with a scanner in a flash and then sent by e-mail, saving time and money. The editors of the DE-wide popular, certified consumer portal ExpertenTesten also found this interesting and have therefore collected and evaluated extensive external tests, comparisons and customer reviews on the subject of scanners on the Internet. From this, they then drew up a comprehensive comparison table of the best scanners currently on the market. Take a look at the table and quickly discover the right scanner for your documents without the risk of returns.

What is a scanner and how does it work?

Scanners are special devices that play an important role in data acquisition. With them it is possible to systematically scan objects or patterns and documents.

The data is acquired in analog form, while the data is transferred to digital formats with the help of special sensors and an implemented analog-to-digital converter. All this happens, depending on the model, within a few seconds. This sequence makes it possible to process the scanned documents or samples again at a later date or to send them online.

Areas of application – Scanner in use

Scan devices offer the possibility to capture or scan signed documents, for example, to send them as an email attachment or via cloud storage. Images and texts of various kinds can also be captured and scanned with a scanner.

The virtual template generated in this way can be edited as required or even changed completely. In the course of this process, new originals are created, which can either be further processed and forwarded online unchanged if required.

Scanning makes it possible to keep original documents available, while their digital version can be distributed almost indefinitely or offers many possibilities for editing.

What types of scanners are available?

Until today, different scanner variants have established themselves on the market. The classic is the flatbed scanner, which works similar to a photocopier.

What types of scanners are available in a test comparison: the original is placed on a plate and then photographed. You receive a digital template that can be further processed or sent as desired.

Hand scanners also enjoy great popularity. They are ideal for private use. Small photos or text extracts can be scanned well with them. With larger originals, however, hand scanners quickly reach their limits.

Photo and slide scanning devices are available in different versions. Some devices of this kind even have an automatic feeder, which makes the scanning process even easier. In comparison, the feed-in scanners are similar to traditional fax devices. But with them it is not possible to scan books etc. but only paper documents.

Brief information on leading 3 manufacturers/brands

Hewlett Packard

The Hewlett Packard company was founded on January 1, 1939, in Palo Alto, in the heart of California, USA. Today’s managing directors are Dion Weisler and Chip Bergh. About 50,000 employees work for Hewlett Packard. In 2017, the group generated around 52.18 billion US dollars. You can find more facts and figures on this subject at Since November 1, 2015, Hewlett Packard has been operating under the name HP to ensure better target group accessibility. HP is now one of the largest US manufacturers of computers and printers and continues to expand steadily.


The Epson company was founded on 18 May 1942 as Seiko Epson in Suwa, near Nagano in Japan. Minoru Usui is the managing director of today’s global corporation. Over 72,450 employees work for Epson. In 2017, the company achieved sales of 1.025 trillion euros. yen. Over the years, Epson has established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of printers, scanners, projectors, cash registers, digital cameras, and robots. Integrated circuits and LCD components are also part of the extensive product portfolio.


It was in 1984 when the company Dell Computer Corporation “saw the light of day” in Rock Round, in the heart of Texas, USA. A few years later, the company changed its name and has since been operating as Dell Inc. Michael Dell is the Managing Director of the group. Over 140,000 people are employed by Dell. In 2016, Dell achieved a turnover of 74 billion US dollars. Whether it’s manufacturing computers or storage systems, Dell is a company whose product and service portfolio has a lot to offer compared to the competition.

How to test scanners

A scanner test consists of two basic parts. In the first test segment, all product-relevant aspects are compiled. Experienced test experts who have a sound knowledge of scanner technologies deal with this part. Consumer demands, wishes and expectations are also taken into account in the theoretical test part. The data and questions generated in this way are summarized and compiled in a questionnaire. This is the basis for the subsequent practical test.

Scanner in test

In the practical test, all aspects of interest to the consumer are examined in a short and long-term test phase.

The aim here is to provide the consumer with all the information that is important to him. However, the test is not intended to lead to a purchase decision or to arouse interest in buying. Rather, the test should provide full, objective and transparent information.

Accordingly, the interested reader is shown both the advantages and any disadvantages. This “total package” offers the best information portfolio with which the consumer can really do something. The practical test consists of the following criteria, among others:

The quality and material properties

In the scanner test, the experienced test experts primarily ensure that the quality is “right”.

Thus, especially in the case of scanners from the low price segment, it becomes apparent that the quality leaves a lot to be desired in some respects. Not only with regard to the condition of the components used, but also with regard to the origin of the raw materials used.

Thus, the ecological aspect is also not ignored in the quality test.

The processing

The processing of the individual components of the tested scanners also plays an important role in the test.

Everything must be firmly installed and solidly designed. This is the only way to ensure that the consumer will enjoy the device for many years to come.

The service portfolio

As it has been shown in the recently accomplished product comparison, some manufacturers do not always keep what they promise concerning the performance of their scanners.

Within the scope of individual long-term tests, the test specialists bring some shortcomings to light. Thus, on the side of the producers, there is sometimes a need for action in some points.

The functionality

According to the test professionals, it is not important in the product comparison that a scanner has as many functions as possible. Rather, it is more important in the comparison that the functionality is convincing in the long run and through reliability.

The results

Precise scanning results – that is what the consumer wants. That’s why the test team takes a very close look at the test and also pays attention to the finer points.

Frequent defects and weak points – I have to pay attention to this when buying a scanner:

    • The circumference of the scanner is too large. Thus, on some desks it is difficult to create an adequate space for the scanner. Amazon customers criticize this aspect in comparison to the cheap scanners.
    • In comparison, the scanning process is very noisy. In order to prevent this deficiency, it is advisable to have a look at the new test reports already before the purchase.
    • The operating menu is extremely complex and therefore difficult to use for technically less experienced users. Amazon customers are therefore well advised to take a look at the new test reports to find out which scanners perform well but are still easy to use.
    • The handling is too complicated. According to some Amazon customers this point is also relevant. Most users claim that scanners should be user-friendly and easy to handle.
    • The scan software does not keep what the producer promises. Thus, some products of this category are opaque or unreliable in their way of use. Also, the results are not always really visible due to the part not very well thought-out technology.
    • The scan results leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality. According to Amazon customers, it is essential to ensure high precision, especially when scanning photos or documents.
    • Amazon customers have expected something better in terms of quality. Especially with scanners from the low price segment, this aspect is often an issue.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where is the best place to buy my scanner?

The test showed that the retail trade has a lot to offer when it comes to buying a scanner. Thus, demanding customer benefits from a thoroughly wide range of products. He usually does not have to make any concessions when it comes to advise either.

In this context, however, online retailing is in no way inferior. Compared to local trade, the online market literally has a huge variety of scanners available worldwide.

As the current test shows, consumers can even save money as a result. In fact, scanners that you buy on the Internet are often cheaper in comparison to those you buy in retail stores.

These are the current scanner bestsellers at Amazon

The Loetad Hand Scanner 900 DP

The Loetad Handheld Portable Scanner 900 DP is a wireless document scanner equipped with an 8G Micro SD card.

JPG and PDF formats can be scanned with the product without any problems.

The ideal resolution for this device is between 300 DPI and 900 DPO. Color scans are also possible.

The Wonsidary 2D Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Barcode Scanner

The Wonsidary 2D Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Barcode Scanner is highly functional and can be used both wired and wireless.

No matter whether 1D or 2-D codes: The scanning process is fast and reliable, and also QR codes, data matrix, bar codes such as EAN or

UPC and many more can be generated. Last but not least, the Wonsidary 2D Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Scanner is compatible with numerous other devices.

The Canon Lide 400 Scanner

Canon’s Lide 400 scanner ensures superb, sharp A4 scans. And that within only 8 seconds.

The design of this scanner is extremely elegant, and the included stand is practical and even allows vertical use of the device. Whether it’s simple scanning or scanning documents with an extended Z-hinge, the versatility of this Canon Lide 400 scanner makes it stand out.

Numbers, data, facts about scanners

Modern scan devices are already available from approximately 100 euros. In comparison, scanners from the higher price segment cost around 500 to 1,000 euros. This depends on the wishes and requirements of the consumer for the respective device.

The so-called pixels or the optical resolution of the scans is given in DPI. This value refers to the pixels per inch. The higher the value, the more pixels the device can capture. Typically, 200 to 300 DPI is sufficient for text documents.

Things to know about scanning

By comparison, simple black and white text can easily be as low as 150 DPI. If you want to scan photos, however, the DPI should be at least 300 to 600. On the other hand, note that the higher the resolution, the larger the file will be. For the digitalization of negatives or slides you should use a scanning device with a resolution of 1200 DPI in order to get the best scanning results.

Alternatives to the scanner

As the current test has shown, it is not easy to find a really useful and fully functional alternative to a scanner. However, there is certainly a possibility you can fall back on in case there is no scanner available – for whatever reason. For example, in view of the recent product comparison, it is possible to take photos, texts or the like with your smartphone and share the image generated online.