Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What criteria does use to compare products?

A: At we use a broad variety of different criteria, individually selected aligned to the consumers’ needs based on a product level. That means, that our criteria change from product topic to product topic a slightly little bit. But the main criteria are always the same:

  • the amount and quality of external reviews (for example on product review portals like TheWireCutter or
  • the amount and quality of buyers’ feedbacks, collected from different retailers like Amazon, eBay or Walmart
  • the price and even more importantly the price-performance-ratio
  • objective date, like the surface size of a gas grill, that we search and compare
  • in some cases : our own impressions and experiences based on our inhouse, hands-on testing processes as well as laboratory analysis

Q: What criteria does use to compare local companies?

A: Regarding local service companies, we again follow a so-called meta-analysis approach. That means, that we are searching for digital reviews of each single service provider on all kinds of platforms. Based on those reviews, that are collected automatically and evaluated manually, we derive our own service recommendations. Here is a short list of service evaluation portals that we are checking for every company in our local section:

  • social media profiles (i.e.,, etc.)

Q: Does work independently from retailers and manufacturers?

A: Of course! We do not work together with any retailer nor manufacturer. All of our product recommendations have been made and will be made independently.

Q: How does earn money?

A: Having a team of 50+ employees and freelancers, we somehow have to earn money to ensure the well-being of our staff and the quality of our work. Therefore, we are implementing the so-called ‘affiliate link’ into our content. If you click on one of them and are buying something afterward, we get a commission. The products you might be buying via our links have the same price as the would if you hadn’t used our links. So, our affiliate links don’t affect the product price at all.

Q: Are the product prices on up-to-date?

A: Mostly. These days, prices sometimes even change several times within 24 hours, so it’s getting harder to always display the current price. Nonetheless, we are giving our best to update prices of all of our 400.000+ reviewed products at least several times per month.

Q: What are the three boxes on top of every product topic page about?

A: Those three boxes are kind of a shortcut for you, when you don’t have enough time to check out our shopping guide and our comparison table, you find the best products for about 99% of all consumers right on top within these three boxes. Box nr. 1 displays the product with the most external reviews, box nr. 2 shows you the product with the best average Amazon buyers’ feedbacks and last but not least box nr. 3 tells you, what product has the most Amazon buyers’ feedbacks in total.

Q: Do you gather all data and information in an automated or manual way?

A: Both. On the one side, we are using high-end technology and automated process to search and collect publicly available information. On the other side, we have a large team that is manually doing a lot of research and als manually curating and interpreting the automatically gathered data inhouse. We decided to do so to ensure that we can provide you the best information and shopping advice at scale for currently over 400.000 products of over 80.000 different brands.

Q: I have noticed an error – how can I contact you?

A: Even though we try, we are not perfect. If you spot a mistake, please do not hesitate to tell us. The fastest way of contacting us is to write an email at [email protected]. Thanks!