Grills & Outdoor Cooking

Grills are an important part of outdoor cooking. The best outdoor cooking setups have multiple tools, but grills are used for everything, from evening barbecues in the summer to making delicious, hot food under cover in the winter. Most grills use conventional fuel such as propane, while a few modern grills offer natural gas as an option. The grill's power source power efficiency and price all factor into how well the grill works for its intended purpose. The most important statistic listed in a grill's description is generally its BTU rating, which indicates how hot the grill burns. Hotter grills are usually not always better; a heavily-heated grill will cook things faster, but a lower, more even heat may be desirable for some cooking tasks. Material is also usually listed in a grill's product description, but this can be somewhat deceptive. A stainless steel grill may include painted steel components; the best grill options will specify exactly what materials are included in the product. Consumer reviews can also indicate how sturdy or authentic the construction of a grill is. The size of a grill is also important. Ideally a prospective grill owner will have room to spare, but otherwise it is important to look for grills with specific dimensions, or grills that are advertised as compact. Again, reviews are quite helpful here. Finally, outdoor cooking accessories such as fuel converters are also available for direct comparison on Expertido, and many grills will work best with the addition of accessories.