Handmade Products

In an era of selfies, rapid uploads of photos to social media and online chat between friends, standing out from the crowd is key. Instead of wearing the same item of clothing or piece of jewellery as everyone else who has bought from the high street with questionable reviews, consumers are now turning to Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration for handmade pieces with excellent reviews from Expertido best as well as exclusivity at budgets to meet the demands of even the tightest of purses. Businesses producing handmade goods are often what was traditionally known as cottage industries, where people simply started the business from their home, or cottage in the Industrial Revolution. Homeworkers made lace, sewed and spun wool, amongst other things. Many of these changed with industrialisation but some were passed on from generation to generation or have been learnt from scratch to meet modern demands. Handmade ceramic pottery and sketchbooks continue to see year on year growth as does minimalist jewellery and visible mending – a trend designed to show mending on clothes which also ties in with the Marie Kondo Tidying up school of thought. Consumers are searching for experiences over things and handmade items which also support a family. Expertido best recognises that consumers are increasingly seeking out the option to make their own handmade item from a kit purchased online and that this is a trend which is set to grow.