Lights & Lighting Accessories

Change the lighting in a room can and you can completely transform the way a space feels. Achieving the style you are after is easy if you select the best lighting – but there’s a lot of choice out there so take a look at the Expertido reviews to help narrow it down. Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling and look great in most rooms. They can be used in the centre, or hanging over areas such as a kitchen island or dining space. Pendant lights come in all colours and materials, including metal, glass, ceramic and wicker so you can find something to suit the décor in your room. Table lamps and floor lamps offer ambient lighting and create a cosy atmosphere. You can mix and match styles if you carefully pick out 2 or 3 lights that complement each other without matching. Lampshades can often be purchased separately, giving you a wider choice of colours and materials to make sure you get precisely what you want. When it comes to task lighting, you need something that directs the light into a specific area. The best lamps for reading or working are spotlights that can be angled in any direction. Track lights hang from the ceiling and are ideal in a kitchen, directing the light at the countertops. Most rooms work best when there is a combination of lighting working together, so check out the reviews on Expertido to find the perfect ones for you.