Colorado (CO)

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Mountain state, Colorado, is situated in the Rocky Mountain region and is one of the most aesthetically beautiful states in the nation. Bordered by Utah, Wyoming, Kansas, and New Mexico, Colorado’s capital city, Denver is its most populous city followed by Colorado Springs, where the United States Air Force Academy is located; Aurora; and Fort Collins.

Colorado’s landscape is comprised of arid desert areas, the snow-covered Rocky Mountains, and an abundance of rivers and canyons. With a population of 5.7 million, it’s the eighth largest state but is nevertheless sparsely populated due to the harsh terrain and Rocky Mountains. Overall, Colorado is a considerably wealthy state, due in part to its low income taxes and high wages; however, rent and housing can be extremely high in certain areas.

The state’s major industries include agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and services, such as tourism. It’s also a major oil producer in the US, and two of the country’s largest oil fields are situated in Colorado.

Visitors to Colorado can experience how the earliest residents, the Ancestral Puebloans, lived at Mesa Verde National Park, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1978. Colorado’s history is full of American Indian heritage, which can be discovered at galleries and museums around the state.

Colorado has four distinct seasons and the weather tends to flip from day to day. Generally, it has a cool and dry climate and is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding. Driving around Colorado can be challenging thanks to the extreme weather, and drivers often have to contend with flash floods and rock slides.

Coloradans’ favorite football team is the Denver Broncos, and when it comes to major league baseball, it’s the Colorado Rockies. The state is the fourth largest sheep and lamb producer in the nation, and is considered America’s lamb capital due to its superior quality lamb. Colorado lamb is so delectable it can be found in restaurants across the globe. Besides lamb in all forms, other Colorado delicacies include red and juicy peaches from Palisade; Rocky Mountain oysters, which are actually made from Bison testicles; craft beer; and especially sweet corn from the town of Olathe.