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We all enjoy a relaxing afternoon spent kicked back in front of the TV. Whether it is a blockbuster film or the latest episode of a gripping series, watching the TV is a daily part of family life around the globe. Despite the rise of streaming services, DVDs and Blu-Rays retain their appeal: there is a definite satisfaction to coming home with a disc containing a recent big-name movie, or receiving a complete TV box set as a gift. The best DVDs and Blu-Rays in terms of sales remain a major source of revenue for the entertainment industry, as product comparators like Expertido can testify. By following positive reviews online it is possible to get an idea of what the most sought-after movies and TV are. Whether you are looking for a film or a TV series, a single DVD or a box set, a regular release or a feature-packed special edition, this category will contain everything you could possibly be hoping for. The best films and the most poplar TV shows are here, as decided by charts, ratings and reviews all across the world. Any avid viewer of film and TV will be spoiled for choice when they take a good look through what this category has to offer, and will see why it is that DVDs and Blu-Rays still exist alongside streaming services in the contemporary movie and television landscape.