The interview with Dr. Jamie Bovay from KinetikChain Denver Physical Therapy

Thanks Mr Jamie for taking the time for this interview!

What does KinetikChain Denver Physical Therapy do?

Dr. Jamie BovayMost people have aches, pains, and stiffness that causes them to limit or modify their activities. At KinetikChain Denver Physical Therapy we help you get back to doing everything you want, need, or love to do pain-free and for the long term so you don’t’ have to worry about your injury ever again.


Who does KinetikChain Denver Physical Therapy help?

We help people in Denver quickly recover from pain or injury so they can stay active in their favorite sport/hobby, exercising, and get back to what they love to do.


For how many years does KinetikChain Denver exist in the market?

We started in a small room in the back of a crossfit gym in the fall of 2016. Over the years we have moved out of the gym and into an upscale shopping district (Cherry Creek) and then as we continued growing moved again, still within Cherry Creek, to a bigger location.


How many employees and customers do you have?

Right now we have me, another physical therapist, and an office manger. We are looking to add more members and services to the team this year.


What are the common Physical Therapy issues you usually deal with?

KinetikChain Denver Physical TherapyWhile we deal with the traumatic injuries, car accidents, and surgeries that everyone associates with physical therapy, most of our the things we treat are aches, pains, and stiffness that have been around a long time. Maybe the pain has been there so long that the client doesn’t even remember when it started; it has just slowly got worse over time till it is interfering with their life. As far as body parts if your pain or stiffness is in the following areas we can help neck, shoulder, elbow/wrist, back, hips, knees, foot/ankle.


What are the easiest ways to prevent Sciatica?

Preventing sciatica can be tough, but since sciatica is the victim we have to ask ourselves what is the culprit? The culprit is ultimately caused by you not moving as well as you can somewhere else (low back, hips, and mid-back most commonly). If we can get you moving optimally either at the very start of having pain/stiffness or ideally before you starting having pain we could give you a good shot of preventing sciatica.


How do you execute your services and what types of clients are you servicing?

For our in-person clients, we focus on hands-on treatments (joint mobilization, massage, stretching, fascial stretch therapy, etc…) as well as giving specific exercises tailored to your issues. For our telehealth/rehab clients we focus on teaching them self mobilizations, mobility, and strengthening exercises virtually. Primarily right now we see active adults who have a need or passion to get back to what they love to do.


We ourselves have been able to convince ourselves of the quality of your services. How do you keep your services on high quality?

Most importantly I think the amount of time we give our therapists to work with, communicate with, and follow up with our clients gives them the ability to provide the high level of care physical therapists are trained and eager to give. Having an hour of uninterrupted one-on-one time with your patients will make all of the difference in a patient getting better or living a life full of frustrations and doubt. Other than that, we have an extensive hiring/screening process ( interview time over 3-6 months) where we spend 15% of every week going over patient cases, doing technique reviews, and improving communication skills to make sure we find and retain the best therapists and staff.


You operate in an extremely competitive market environment – what do you see as your edge compared to your competitors?

I have already mentioned how I think the time we can spend with patients is a huge advantage. We also have niched down to treat a similar type of patient so we see not only similar injuries but also similar motivations. When we can know what motivates someone and know how to solve their injury we can communicate on a different level and help our patients when nobody else could.


Are there any special offers planned for 2020?

We offer a free 20-minute phone call to see if we think we would be a good fit to work together before you ever invest your time to come see us. For most people, we also start with a free 20 min discovery visit where we discuss your issues, put you through a mini examination, give you a diagnosis, and give you several paths going forward. We say this is kind of like a medical first date where we can make sure we can help you and you can make sure you like and trust us.


Thank you very much, Dr. Jamie Bovay. We from Expertido wish you and the KinetikChain Denver Physical Therapy continued success!