The interview with Dr. Michael Valones from 6th Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness

For how many years does 6th Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness exist in the Active Release Therapy market? How many employees and customers do you have?

6th Avenue Chiropractic & WellnessI’ve been practicing Active Release Techniques since 2015 working with many competitive athletes and complex soft-tissue injuries. Currently, we have a sports chiropractor (myself), an office manager and a myofascial massage therapist.

What are the common Chiropractic issues you usually deal with?

We see many neck and shoulder issues, providing a comprehensive care protocol which includes chiropractic evaluation and care, Active Release Therapy as well as other effective manual therapies, and corrective exercises to ensure lasting resolution. Other common injuries include neck or back pain, hip and knee injuries, and jaw disorders.

What is your process of executing the Kinesiology taping?

We are FMT certified though Rocktape and adapt our taping protocols from the evidence and research provided. Kinesiology taping can have a different therapeutic effect depending on how the tape is applied to the body. Some applications are to help correct posture or a movement patters, some can be to provide some pain relief and decompress injured tissue, others can help reduce swelling and edema. It just depends on what the patient needs are.

How do you execute your services and what types of clients are you servicing?

Our patients come in all shapes and sizes… being well trained in many patient populations and special conditions allows us to work with all musculoskeletal conditions. Above traditional chiropractic care, our services are comprehensive and offers longer appointment times to assure proper assessment, accurate diagnosis, and thorough treatments for every patient, every visit.

We ourselves have been able to convince ourselves of the quality of your services. How do you keep your services on high quality?

The doctor upkeeps and holds additional licenses and certifications to provide the effective, evidence-based and patient-centered care. These licenses include a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP), Full-Body Active Release Techniques (ART), NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Rocktape FMT, SafeSport Trained, FMS/SFMA, and others that ensure the doctor can provide the best care based on the most up to date practices.

You operate in an extremely competitive market environment – what do you see as your edge compared to your competitors?

There are many people in need of chiropractic care. We provide a comprehensive approach to chiropractic care and physical medicine and have success with more complex cases, even after other therapies have failed. We also provide personalized care and create a strong doctor-patient relationship.

Are there any special offers planned for 2020?

Yes, we periodically offer specials which we list on our website when available.


Thank you very much, Dr. Michael Valones. We from Expertido wish you and the 6th Avenue Chiropractic & Wellness continued success!