The interview with Lisa Jenks from Genesis Medspa

Thanks Lisa for taking the time for this interview! For how many years does Genesis Medspa exist in the Aestheticians market? How many employees and customers do you have?

I opened Genesis MedSpa in 20007. We were initially in a 4 treatment room facility. In 2012, we moved into a 7 treatment room site and, in 2016, added 3 more rooms. I currently have 22 employees and several thousand clients.

What are the common skin issues you usually deal with?

Our most commonly requested treatments are those that are anti-aging. Neurotoxins and fillers make up approximately half of our revenue. In addition to anti-aging issues, we treat acne and perform services such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, spider vein removal and body contouring.

How many sessions would take in order to totally removed a tattoo?

The number of sessions needed varies according to the age of the tattoo, the ink colors and whether it was profesionally done or not. In general, most tattoos take between 4 – 8 treatments.

How do you execute your services and what types of clients are you servicing?

Most of our clients are females between the ages of 40 – 50. Approximately 10% of our clients are males. Our clients do extend from the age of 11 through mid-80’s. We offer complimentary consultations, during which we identify a client’s concerns. The consultation includes a computerized skin analysis, which helps us in guiding them towards appropriate products and treatments. We believe strongly in education and in allowing patients to play an active role in the decisions regarding their skin. We are always respectful of budgets and try to offer 3-4 treatments for any particular skin condition which accomodates different amounts of money people are able to spend.

We ourselves have been able to convince ourselves of the quality of your services. How do you keep your services on high quality?

We engage in constant staff training and pride ourselves on having the best equipment available for any treatment we are doing. Not only do we do frequent in-house staff trainings, but I send staff to conferences whenever possible. Staff also frequently perform treatments on each other so that they can give feedback and assess what works best. Our trainings consist not only in reviewing products and treatment protocols, but also include issues such as customer service and good phone etiquette.

You operate in an extremely competitive market environment – what do you see as your edge compared to your competitors?

The aesthetic industry is very competitive. Our edge is that we provide the best overall experience of anyone in our area. This starts with creating a beautiful environment, with a comfortable waiting area, soft music and nice art on the walls. We offer wine, beer, tea, coffee and flavored water to our clients (as long as they are of age!). We maintain a tight schedule so that we run on time and don’t keep clients waiting. Each client gets a small vase of flowers on their way out the door. All of this is in addition to the fact that they receive excellent treatment from well-trained aestheticians who are using state-of-the-art equipment. Lastly, we set ourselves apart by always having a physician on site.

Are there any special offers planned for 2020?

We have just introduced Radiofrequency microneedling and will have that on special in order that our clients can try it out. Every year we have a few very fun events, such as Botox Bingo, Casino Night and our Holidaze Party, during which all of our products and treatments are on sale.


Thank you very much, Lisa Jenks. We from Expertido wish you and the Genesis Medspa continued success!