It is no secret that computers are playing a huge role in our lives today. Just like human language, computer software can essentially be divided into different types depending on their use and built. There is system software, application software and the operating system simply referred to as the OS. The ever changing technology has allowed us to interact with the computer and enjoy its products, all while using software. While most of us use our computers daily, it may come as a surprise to some that there are other software or computer products that we know nothing about. Here at Expertido we advise you to go over software reviews and products before installing any latest offering. Computer software comes in different types, bulk and quality. This particularly applies to application software, which we must use every day while typing on the computer. Popular examples of application software include Microsoft office suite, Mozilla Firefox or E-mail software such as Outlook express. With plenty of products in the market, it is often difficult to make the best decision. This is why the Expertido team has gathered helpful information and reviews on some of the best software you ought to have in your computer.